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2021 LED and Light Convergence Industry Forum

The Future of the LED and Light Convergence Industry

Introduction to Forum

Event Name 2021 LED and Light Convergence Industry Forum Date October 13(wed) to 14(thur), 2021
Place · Offline : KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall 3
· Webinar
Awards Commendation by Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy
Hosting MOTIE, LED Industyforum Management LED Industyforum

Major Events


Symposium  I

Date October 13(wed), 2021 Place KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall 3 and WEBINAR
Subject Smart lighting status and future strategy Chair FRTEK Kim Youngbok Director
Time Composition Contents
13:25~13:30 Greeting Ryu Jae-Man, Chairman, LED Industry Forum
13:30~14:00 Keynote speech Opening uo the new lighting era through the Smart LED
(Lee Yeonsang, Department Manager, Korea Energy Agency)
14:00~14:30 Lecture 2 Smart lighting market trends and Living lab demonstration strategies
(Sung Jung-Sik, Principle Researcher, ETRI)
14:30~15:00 Lecture 3 Current status of BLE mesh-based smart lighting
(Kim Minyoung, Director, UNIQON Inc.)
15:00~15:30 Lecture 4 Introduction of smart roadway lighting platform development and demonstration technology
(Shin Sang Wuk, principal Research Engineer, Korea Institute of Lighting & ICT)
15:30~16:00 Lecture 5 Smart lighting development strategy using big data artificial intelligence
(Kang Tae Gyu, Principle Researcher, ETRI / Data Driven Solutions, KISTI)

Symposium  II

Date October 14(thur), 2021 Place KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall 3 and WEBINAR
Subject International Light Convergence Expo AWARDS Technology Announced Chair KTC Kang Jungmo PH.D
Time Composition Contents
13:00~13:35 Lecture 1 Seoul Viosys : “Violeds Technology Applied to Natural Vitamin D Generation”
(Winner the Prime Minister's Award in 2020)
13:35~14:10 Lecture 2 Seoul Semiconductor : “Human Centric Lighting application case and technical trend”
(Winner the President's Award in 2019)
14:10~14:45 Lecture 3 Samsung Electronics : “Enrich Your School Life with Lighting that Boosts Concentration!”
(Winner the President's Awards in 2020)
14:45~14:50 - BREAK TIME
14:50~15:25 Lecture 4 “Application Cases and Possibilities of Human Centric Lightings”
(Yeungnam University Research Institute of Human Ecology/Research Professor / Hyensou Pak)
15:25~16:00 Lecture 5 “Application Technology of Human Centric Lightings”
(Korea Photonics Technology Institute/Team Manager/Cho Meeryoung)

※ May Programs and topics are subject to change

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