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Business Program

Business Program Results

Results of 2022 Domestic Business Program 44 Companies,
59 Buyers 153 Meetings
Consultation Amount $ 8,193,582
Contract Amount $2,713,359
Reorganization In 2023(Draft) Confirmed to participate in consultation on the size of 50 buyers of large corporations and public institutions Diversification of participating buyer pools Consultation/contract performance goal of 300% or higher

Business Program Results

Results of 2022 Overseas Business Program 24 Companies,
45 Buyers 172 Meetings
Consultation Amount $11,724,000
Contract Amount $2,313,800
Conducted Online Export Consultation
Reorganization In 2023(Draft) 200% expansion of overseas buyers Simultaneous hosting of events invited by foreign government agencies Additional quarterly export cosultations Online -> Provide business program track for domestic contracts