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The Secretariat that hosts Int`l light-convergence Online(Organaized by LED Industry Forum Coporation)(hereinafter referred to as the 'Exhibition Secretariat') values your personal information of data and complies with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
The Exhibition Secretariat informs you of the purpose and method of using the personal information provided by members through the privacy policy, and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

1. Purpose of processing personal information

Members' personal information collected by the Exhibition Secretariat is processed for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the followings, and we will seek prior consent if the purpose of use is changed.

  • 1) Register and manage homepage membership
  • Personal information is processed for the purpose of confirmation of registration intention, identification and authentication according to the provision of registration services, maintenance and management of membership, prevention of illegal use of services, and various notifications.
  • 2) Handling civil service affairs
  • Personal information is processed for the purpose of verifying the identity of the civil petitioner, confirming the civil complaints, contacting and notifying the facts, and notifying the results of the processing.
  • 3) Deliver goods or services
  • Personal information is processed for the purpose of delivering goods, providing services, entering the exhibition, sending invoices, providing contents, self-authentication, payment and settlement of charges, and collection of credits.
  • 4) Use in marketing and advertising
  • Personal information is processed for the purpose of providing new services and customized services, providing exhibition events and advertising information and opportunities to participate, providing services according to demographic characteristics and posting advertisements, verifying the validity of services, identifying access frequencies, or statistics on member’s use of services.
    In addition, the personal information may be used to contact the information owner for promotion of goods or solicitation of sales.
  • 5) Managing seminar and conference participation application
  • If you apply for participation in seminars and conferences held concurrently during the exhibition period, registered personal information can be provided to the event organizer.
  • In order to provide convenient and diverse services to members, the Exhibition Secretariat can conduct marketing activities for various services by mail, e-mail, SMS, fax, etc. using personal information collected from users. If the user does not want to, the service may be rejected by notifying the Exhibition Secretariat over the phone.
  • The Exhibition Secretariat does not use personal information for purposes other than collection and use purposes or provide it to a third party without the consent of the user.
    (However, the collected data may be provided to the exhibition certification body for objective exhibition verification, and the provided data will not be used for any purpose other than exhibition verification. )
2. Status of personal information files

The personal information collected by the Exhibition Secretariat is kept to the minimum required for service provision, but if additional information is needed, additional information may be requested. The exhibition secretariat receives the following personal information items as required inputs from users on the online pre-registration screen. Except for the required input items listed below, personal information of users is classified as optional input items.

  • 1) Membership registration and management
  • - Required items: name of person in charge, affiliation (company name), department, country, address, telephone, e-mail, mobile phone number, survey (exhibition of interest, purpose of visit, etc.)
  • - Optional items: position, fax, homepage address
  • 2) In the process of using the Internet service, the following personal information items may be automatically generated and collected.
  • - service use record, access log, MAC address, cookie, access IP information, visit record, bad use record, etc.
  • Users can indicate whether they agree to the collection of personal information by checking the "I agree" item to the contents of the personal information handling policy or terms and conditions established by the Exhibition Secretariat. If you check the "I agree" item, you are deemed to have consented to the collection of personal information. Information such as race, place of origin, hometown, ideology, political orientation, criminal record, health status, etc., which may infringe on the user's basic human rights, will not be collected unless the consent of the user or stipulated by laws and regulations.
  • The Exhibition Secretariat may collect personal information in the following ways ;
  • • Website, online newsletter, telephone, inquiries (wired, e-mail), online participation application, online pre-registration, on-site registration card creation, online/offline event application, business partnering (meeting) application, seminar and conference participation application
3. Processing and retention period of personal information

The Exhibition Secretariat shall process and hold personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information under the Act or the period of use of personal information agreed to collect personal information from the information subject.
The personal information processing and retention period is as follows ;

  • • Personal information will be retained and used for the above purpose of use from the date of consent for collection and use.
  • • After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay.
  • 1) Basis for retention: Member's consent
  • - Personal information marketing utilization: 5 years
  • 2) Related laws
  • ① Records on user complaints or dispute settlement: 3 years
  • ② Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
  • ③ Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years

User's personal information is destroyed without delay after the purpose of collection and use is achieved. In addition, upon termination of consent, the Exhibition Secretariat destroys the user's personal information without delay, except for data stored for a certain period according to the reasons for retaining the information specified above. In addition, if the processing of personal information is entrusted to a third party, the trustee is also instructed to destroy it. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration, and personal information stored in the form of electronic files is destroyed using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Exhibition Secretariat uses users' personal information within the scope notified in 『Personal Information Collection and Use Items and Purposes』. The Exhibition Secretariat does not use the user's personal information beyond the scope without prior consent from the user or, in principle, provide the user's personal information to a third party. However, the following cases are exceptions
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  • 1) When users have previously consented to disclosure or provision to a third party
  • 2) AKEI(Association of Korean Exhibition Industry) : Purpose of verification such as exhibition certification
  • 3) When it is necessary for statistics, academic research, or market research, and it is provided in a form that cannot identify a specific company or individual
  • 4) When requested by a national agency in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
  • 5) When there is an investigational purpose for a crime, or when there is a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee
  • 6) When there is a request in accordance with the procedures stipulated by other related laws and regulations
5. Consignment of personal information processing

The Exhibition Secretariat entrusts the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information processing :

  • 1) Consignee : SYSFORU, INC.
  • 2) Contents of the entrusted work: Website and server management, Online exhibition platform management, Registration system consignment, Electronic business card system service provision, etc.
  • 3) Retention and use period of personal information: Until the end of the consignment contract

The entrusted information is limited to the minimum information necessary to provide smooth service.
In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Exhibition Secretariat stipulates compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of provision to third parties, liability in case of accidents, consignment period, and obligation to return or destroy personal information after processing ends so that personal information is safely managed during consignment contracts.
If a visitor of the online exhibition platform visits the exhibitor's online booth and requests an inquiry, meeting application, invitation card, or favorite, it is deemed that they agree to provide the user's information to the exhibitor. This will not be used for any purpose other than the company and product information of the exhibitor.

6. The rights and obligations of the information subject and legal representative As a personal information subject, users can exercise the following rights.
  • 1) The information subject may exercise the right to the Exhibition Secretariat at any time, such as accessing, correcting, deleting, and requesting suspension of processing of personal information ..
  • 2) The exercise of rights under paragraph (1) may be conducted in writing, e-mail, and FAX pursuant to Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and the Exhibition Secretariat will take action without delay..
  • 3) The exercise of rights under paragraph (1) may be conducted through an agent, such as a legal representative of the information subject or a person delegated. In such cases, a power of attorney in attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act shall be submitted..
  • 4) The right of the information subject may be restricted pursuant to Articles 35 (5) and 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act..
  • 5) A request for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested if the personal information is specified as a collection target under other statutes..
  • 6) The Exhibition Secretariat verifies whether the person who made the request for access according to the rights of the information subject, request for correction or deletion, or request for suspension of processing is himself/herself or a legitimate agent.
7. Destruction of personal information

In principle, if the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, the Exhibition Secretariat shall destroy the relevant personal information without delay.
The procedures, deadlines, and methods for destruction are as follows :

  • Destruction procedure
  • The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DataBase after the purpose is achieved (in case of paper, separate documents) and is stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policies and other related laws. At this time, the personal information transferred to DataBase will not be used for any other purpose except under the law.
  • Destruction deadline
  • If the user's personal information is unnecessary, such as achieving the purpose of processing personal information, abolishing the service, or Exit of the business, the user's personal information shall destroy the personal information within five days from the date it is deemed unnecessary.
  • Destruction method
  • Information in the form of electronic files uses technical methods that cannot be recovered. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
8. Matters concerning the installation, operation, and refusal of automatic personal information collection devices

To provide individual customized services, the Exhibition Secretariat uses 'cookie' which stores usage information and frequently brings it up.
Cookies are small amounts of information that the server (http) used to run the website sends to the user's computer browser and can also be stored on a hard disk in the user's PC computer.

  • 1) Purpose of using cookies: It is used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and usage, popular search terms, security access, etc. for each service and website visited by users.
  • 2) Installation∙Operation and Rejection of Cookies: Tools at the top of the Web browser > Internet Options > Setting Options on the Privacy menu lets you refuse to save cookies.
  • 3) Refusing to store cookies can cause difficulties in using customized services.
9. Creating a person in charge of privacy

The Exhibition Secretariat is responsible for personal information processing and designates a person in charge of personal information protection as follows to handle complaints from information subjects and to remedy damages related to personal information processing.

  • Person in charge of personal information protection
  • Name: Kang Ki Jung
  • Position: Director
  • Department in charge of personal information protection
  • Department name: Exhibition team
  • Person in charge: Rhee Hong KI / Manager
  • Contact: T. +82-2-783-7979 / E-mail.

The information authority may contact the personal information protection manager and the department in charge of all personal information protection inquiries, complaints, and damage relief caused by using the services of the Exhibition Secretariat. The Exhibition Secretariat will respond and process inquiries from the information subjects without delay.

10. Changing the Privacy Policy

The personal information processing policy shall be applied from the effective date, and if there is an addition, deletion, or correction of changes according to laws and regulations, it will be notified seven days before the change is implemented.

11. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

Pursuant to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Exhibition Secretariat takes technical, management and physical measures necessary to ensure safety as follows :

  • 1) Administrative measures: Establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
  • 2) Technical measures: Management of access rights such as personal information processing system, installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security programs
  • 3) Physical measures: Access control of computer center, data storage room, etc.