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Light Issue
Discovering the Beauty of LED & OLED Innovation in South Korea

33 2024.06.27

As the most representative and influential industry event in South Korea and one of the earliest LED trade exhibitions in the world, Int'l LED & OLED EXPO has a history of over 20 years since its inception in 2003.

This year, the expo will be presented from 26 (Wed.) to 28 (Fri.) June 2024 at KINTEX, South Korea.

At the last expo, exhibitors showcased an array of new products and technologies. For example, in the field of traditional LED lighting, popular products mainly included LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED spotlights, and LED strips; in the category of smart LED lighting products, dimmable LED lights, smart switches, and smart voice control systems have gained increasing favor among consumers; meanwhile, in the commercial and industrial sectors, products such as LED high bay lights, LED floodlights, and LED industrial lights have been widely adopted. will participate in the 22nd Int'l LED & OLED EXPO 2024 at A34, KINTEX.

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