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A Home Filled With Smart Light: Signify Unveils New Easy-To-Use WiZ Smart Lighting Products

1694 2021.09.07

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces a new range of WiZ smart lighting products for daily convenience. With WiZ’s ecosystem and newest product range — consisting of smart table lamps, ceiling lamps, and accessories — it’s easier than ever to make your home all connected with smart lighting. The new products are available from September 1, 2021 onwards.

Create the most suitable ambience or paint your walls with light

Want to transform stark corners into cozy reading nooks? The new WiZ Hero is a compact, versatile table lamp that can create the prefect ambience for you to read, work or relax, with one simple tap. It comes with pre-programmed wake-up and bedtime modes, to help you wake up gently and get energized in the morning and fall asleep smoothly at night. The unique tap control of the WiZ Hero is easy enough for small kids to use it as a bedside table lamp.

Introducing another new light for your side table or bookshelves: the WiZ Squire table lamp. With its unique dual light zone design, you can transform any blank wall with a fun splash of colored light, while emitting a soft glow onto the surface to create a soothing, harmonious atmosphere.

Smart ceiling lights to suit every room

For chic and subtle smart light, choose WiZ Tunable White Ceiling lights. The minimalist, super slim design means they work well in living rooms and bedrooms and with all interior styles. With the Circadian Rhythm mode, you can now mimic the natural transition of sunlight in your home during the day.

The WiZ Adria Daylight Dimmable and Warm Dimmable Ceiling lights bring smart light features to more functional areas of the home, like the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Connect the ceiling lights to the WiZ app to start dimming the lights with the app or voice control. No more being dazzled by bright light when you visit the bathroom or kitchen at night, but use your voice to set a warm, dimmed light.

The WiZ Full color or Tunable White Build on Spots can highlight standout features in your home with directional lighting. Its versatile, tunable LED spots with adjustable head bring out the true and vivid colors of your rooms, favorite ornaments, and other home decors. Alternatively, position the beam towards your home office desk for focused, cool light to help improve concentration and productivity.

Specifically suitable for hanging above dining tables or visible light bulbs that can use some extra elegance, WiZ introduces the new frosted glass bulb. This eye-catching feature bulb casts evenly distributed warm to cool tunable white light that falls easier on the eye thanks to its soft, frosted surface.

Make non-smart lights and appliances smart

With WiZ’s Smart Plug, non-smart lights and appliances can be made smart and be wirelessly controlled with the WiZ app or a voice assistant – such as portable fans or floor lights. Users can set timers and routines and control the light or appliance when they’re away from home. The new Smart Plug has an embedded power meter that monitors power consumption for energy optimization.

We continue to expand the WiZ ecosystem with smart innovations like the Smart Plug and new connected table lamps and ceiling lights that suit every mood and style. By offering the most intuitive and easy-to-setup ecosystem, with a feature rich app connecting our smart products, we are helping consumers to create a welcoming environment with smart lights for every lifestyle.”

Maikel Klomp
Business Leader of WiZ Connected
WiZ’s reliable ecosystem comes with a user-friendly app and plug-and-play devices that work via existing Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth. This easy-to-use technology improves daily life and complements users’ homes — while making all-connected smart lighting more accessible.