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OLEDs and RVs: Still a match waiting to happen?

1248 2021.09.02

You might recall that at this time last year, OLED stalwart OLEDWorks had identified a potential niche market with plenty of expansive potential — recreational vehicles.

At the time, well in the throes of stay-at-home behavior amid the health crisis, people were rethinking vacation plans, and RV sales were on the up. With that, Rochester, NY-based OLEDWorks noted that while interior RV design has indeed come a long way with quartz countertops and other fancy touches, lighting design still lagged but could well up its atmospheric and glare-free game with OLEDs.

Having now cycled back to the dog days of summer, LEDs Magazine decided to poke around to see what, if any, progress the company has made in the market.


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Sources : LEDs MAGAZINE / Aug. 17, 2021